About industryGENOME

industryGENOME is health sciences market intelligence platform providing bottom-up industry analysis and reports

industryGENOME continuously gathers and analyzes millions of data points on pharma services companies, investors, deals, valuations, research, conferences, and news to develop rich, bottom-up market research reports and company profiles using our granular, proprietary taxonomy.

We use this taxonomy to categorize and classify Health Sciences industry participant capabilities based on discrete definitions and relationships. This market-oriented classification system enables the platform to deliver clean, precise, actionable data on the Health Sciences market.

The platform utilizes artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, machine translation, and supervised machine learning to categorize and classify data. industryGENOME has partnered with Crosstree to develop and train the industry classification algorithm for accuracy and precision. Company capabilities are curated using the algorithm. Partnering with Crosstree, industryGENOME is mapping the Health Sciences market - one company at a time - to generate highly granular, bottom-up industry segment insights and reports. 

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